Prototyping is better in HTML

Free hosted prototype creation, sharing and tools for developers and designers who code

"This is easily the best thing for HTML prototyping for non-programmers that I've seen." — Michael Angeles, Balsamiq

What do you use when you want to make HTML prototypes and easily share them with clients and team members?

You could use the tools you use to write code, like Sublime Text or Visual Studio. You could put the static files in Dropbox and then share the URL. And you could solicit feedback via email or a project management tool.

But we think there's a better way. Handcraft is a place to put all of these things together. With Handcraft, you write your code in an editor just for HTML prototyping. We host all your stuff for you and provide you with a clean URL that you can share and even protect with a password if necessary. And coming soon, we include multiple different ways of soliciting, gathering and analysing feedback so you can iterate efficiently.

Handcraft is made by a team at Q42 in The Netherlands.